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President’s International Research Awards

Request for Proposals

RFP Issue Date: September 7, 2016
RFP Update: October 3, 2016
Proposal Due Date: October 21, 2016

Indiana University’s Global Gateways in China, Europe, and India are designed to strengthen and broaden IU’s global engagement through support for research and teaching, conferences and workshops, study abroad opportunities, and engagement with alumni, businesses, and nongovernmental organizations. The Gateways provide logistical support and facilities for IU faculty, students and alumni, creating the context in which international collaborations and exchanges flourish. (Additional information about IU’s Global Gateways is available at

President Michael A. McRobbie has created the President’s International Research Awards to support high-impact international collaborative research projects that engage one or more of IU’s Global Gateways and the communities they serve. Projects may be based at a Gateway or within the region served by a Gateway, but in either case should make full use of the resources, expertise, and networks of one or more Gateways.

Eligible projects include:

  • Collaborative Research Projects that involve equitable partnerships with local universities, NGOs, research institutions or government agencies.
  • Student/Faculty research exchanges in which IU teams (including at least one faculty member and one student) collaborate with local or regional teams of faculty/researchers and students.
  • Scholarly events developed in collaboration with and including the participation of local scholars, scientists, researchers, institutions, agencies or organizations.

Criteria for funding include:

  • The strength of the collaboration. We prioritize collaborations that demonstrate necessary and integrated partnerships between IU and international colleagues.
  • The degree to which a project leverages international resources. We prioritize collaborations that draw on IU’s Gateways and unique local resources to engage in research or scholarship that is shaped by those resources. While use of the appropriate Gateway’s facilities is desirable, projects that do not include activities at the Gateway office should clearly identify how the proposed work draws on the resources of the Gateway or will further IU’s identified international priorities.
  • Potential for development into sustainable programs. We prioritize collaborations that lay a foundation for long-term, multi-faceted partnerships that are likely to be funded through external support.
  • Where student/faculty exchanges are proposed, the opportunities for students to engage in meaningful research. We prioritize collaborations that enable students to participate as partners in significant research and scholarly activity.
  • Cross-school or interdisciplinary partnerships. We prioritize collaborations that build bridges across disciplines.
  • Realistic budgets. We prioritize proposals that make appropriate use of grant funds. Where matching funds from other units are anticipated, this should be noted in the budget.

Eligible applicants include any tenure-stream IU faculty member, from any IU campus. Clinical professors and research scientists are eligible to serve as co-PIs on a proposal led by a tenure-stream faculty member.
Those interested in submitting a proposal should consult with the appropriate Gateway Academic Director to determine project feasibility and engagement with Gateway.

Funding of up to $50,000 per year, renewable for up to three years is available to transformative collaborative projects. Proposals for smaller amounts of funding or shorter grant periods are welcome. Multi-year grants will be reviewed annually, with renewal contingent upon satisfactory progress toward project milestones and goals.

(The Office of the Vice President for International Affairs operates a Gateway Seed Grants program that provides up to $10,000 for activities intended to pave the way for a more ambitious proposal for a President’s International Research Award, however President’s International Research Awards may not be combined with OVPIA Gateway Seed Grants or other OVPIA awards. Additional information is available at:

Submission process: Proposals should be submitted at

Proposal Guidelines: Proposal narratives should be no more than 5 pages in length (single-spaced, 11-point type using common font such as Calibri or Times New Roman). Proposals should explicitly address:

  • The research project proposed: describe the project, its potentially transformative nature, and the larger research trajectory for which it lays a foundation. Identify how this work is in keeping with your expertise and professional development. Include a description of the work plan and activities that will enable you to complete the research successfully.
  • The international collaboration involved: identify international partners and their role in the research.
  • The relationship of the work plan and activity to the appropriate International Gateway: describe activities that will occur at the Gateway facilities (if applicable), and how the project you propose furthers the priorities for A Global University identified in the IU Bicentennial Strategic Plan ( and the Vice President for International Affairs Strategic Plan (

Additionally, each proposal must include a budget (using the budget template available at and a 1-2 page budget justification explaining planned expenditures (personnel, travel, capital equipment, supplies, other costs). Please note that IU funds are not intended to pay salaries or research expenses at other institutions; projects which involve cost-share with international partner institutions will be more highly prioritized than those that do not.

Proposal Review: Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee representing multiple campuses, schools, and disciplines. The faculty committee will make recommendations to the Vice President for Research, who will make final recommendations to the President.

For more information, please contact:

Faith Kirkham Hawkins
Associate Vice President for Research Development

Joyce Man
Academic Co-Director
China Gateway

Yaobin Chen
Academic Co-Director
China Gateway

Hannah Buxbaum
Academic Director
Europe Gateway

Michael S. Dodson
Academic Director
India Gateway