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New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities

Past Successful Proposals

Examples of successful New Frontiers applications are posted here as a resource for potential grant applicants. The proposals below are drawn from two recent years of the program (2012-13 and 2013-14). All of these proposed projects were funded, and each was one of the highest-ranked applications in its year. Clicking on a proposal title on the list will take you to the proposal and to the reviews by members of the New Frontiers Review Committee. The principal investigators have given permission to have their proposals and reviews posted. Only the project descriptions, budget narratives, and reviews are included. Reviewers have been kept anonymous in accordance with university policy.

There are two examples of New Frontiers Exploratory Travel Fellowship proposals included here which do not include budget justifications. Budget justifications were not required when these proposals were submitted. As of July 2013, budget justifications are required for Exploratory travel Fellowships.

List of Proposals

New Frontiers

Arts of Fire: An Unpublished Collection of Islamic Ceramics in the Indiana University Art Museum

Memorial: Tracing the Past

Israeli Peace Images

Traveling through the Pages: Reading Realisms in the Age of Transport Revolutions, 1740-1870

The Food Court: How Food Litigation Will Change How We Eat (and How We Sue)

Ruga Interior Skin (RIS): An Origami Inspired Large Scale Art Installation

New Frontiers Experimentation Fellowship

Experimentation in Hybrid Printmaking (Textiles and Print Media): INTER-WOVEN Exhibition and Collaborative Dialogue at Akademia of Fine Arts in Łódź, 2017

New Frontiers Exploratory Travel Fellowship

Sylvia Plath's Debt to Ms. Magazine and the Feminist Movement

Overrepresented: Asian Americans, Race, and Class in Late-Twentieth Century America