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New Frontiers Budget Guidelines

Every item and cost must be explained within the required budget narrative, and related to the work being proposed and timeline presented within the project proposal.

  • Summer Salary Support for faculty: you may request funding up to $15,000 inclusive of fringe benefit costs for summer salary. The FY18 fringe benefit rate for summer salary is 26.95%.  Be sure your budget narrative identifies the work that you will perform during the summer.
  • Note: New Frontiers does not cover salary support during the academic year, or during sabbatical semesters. 

    1. Graduate student support is provided as a lump sum.  You should work with your student, your department chair and your dean to determine the distribution of these funds to the student (tuition remission, stipend, etc.).  Use the following for graduate student support, based on the student’s discipline:
      1. Arts and Humanities: $16,000
      2. Social Sciences: $16,000
      3. Sciences: $19,000
    2. Travel: For New Frontiers of Scholarship and Creativity grants, up to $5,000 is allowable to conduct research or other activity directly related to the New Frontiers project.  The relationship of each trip to the larger project should be explained clearly in the project narrative.  You should explain within the budget narrative how you determined estimates for costs for each component of proposed travel (transportation, housing, per diem, etc.).
    3. Consultant, Technician, or Post-doctoral trainee: as needed.  The budget narrative should explicitly describe the work that such personnel will perform, and its necessity for the success of the overall project.
    4. Equipment:  New Frontiers funds cannot be used to purchase equipment that is normally provided as a function of employment (computers, printers, etc.).  A detailed cost summary, with explanation for the necessity of equipment to the project, is required for all equipment requests.  Requests for equipment costing more than $5,000 must be supported (and explicitly addressed) by the department chair in his/her letter of support.  All equipment becomes the property of the PI’s home department or center at the end of the grant period.
    5. Supplies: as needed.  The relationship of supplies to the successful completion of the project should be explained in the budget narrative.
    6. No indirect costs will be provided.
    7. If the grant will not cover the entire cost of your project and you have or are applying for support from other sources, please identify these in your budget explanation – but do not include those costs on the budget spreadsheet.
    8. New Frontiers funds cannot be used to reimburse for project expenses paid before the award is granted.