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What is InfoReady?

InfoReady is a web-based gateway for all IU faculty, research scholars and scientists, and others to apply for internal IU faculty grant competitions administered through the offices of the Vice President for Research. It is being deployed university-wide for internal grant competitions managed by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, and the Office of the Vice President for Research. The InfoReady system

  • is a centralized portal that streamlines the process of applying for internal funding opportunities.
  • allows all applicants to upload and submit their proposals for internal funding opportunities electronically.
  • allows for department chairs and school or college deans to upload letters of support for a specific proposal.
  • allows for the online peer-review of proposals.

InfoReady FAQs

Q: Why is IU changing its internal grants system?
A: The switch to the InfoReady system will provide a more efficient, informative, and secure way for IU faculty to apply to OVCR, OVPR, and VPR internal funding opportunities. Moving to a single system shared by the various offices within the Vice President for Research organization will simplify things for faculty as well as correct problems with the current eDoc Lite system used on the Bloomington campus. InfoReady is a robust, well-supported system successfully used by a number of other universities, which we have used at IUPUI for the past year.

Q: How will I access the new system?
A: The new InfoReady system will be linked to the existing internal grants list on the Research Gateway, VPR, OVCR and OVPR websites. The existing “Application” links for those grants will automatically take you directly to the new system. As noted above, IUPUI has already been piloting the InfoReady system for a year.

Q: What are the differences between eDoc Lite and InfoReady?
A: The interface for submitting internal grants will look different than you may be used to. Here is a partial screenshot of the InfoReady portal page that faculty will see when initiating an internal grant application:

InfoReady Homepage Screen Shot

The home screen will show all grants available across the university and enables you to access those grants for which you are eligible. If you want to see grants available only on a specific campus, you will need to choose the relevant campus name from the dropdown menu at top left.

Q: Is the actual application form for internal grants the same?
A: No. When an applicant arrives at the page for the grant she is interested in, she will access a new online application form (after CAS login) that takes applicants clearly through the steps of applying.

Q: Do character limits include spaces?
A: The only character limit is in the proposal abstract, 750 words.

Q: Does the copy and paste function work in the application?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I save my application if it is not complete and come back to finish it at a later time?
A: Yes, at the bottom of the page, click “Save as Draft”.

Q: How do I find a saved application?
A: Go to the InfoReady competition site, click “Applications” at the top of the page. Your saved grant applications will be there. Click the highlighted project title to go to the grant competition page. Click “My Application” on the right to open your saved application.

Q: I am ready to submit my application. Will I receive a confirmation of successful submission?
A: You will receive an email when your application is accepted, likely within 48 hours.

Q: I’ve submitted my application but can no longer find it. Where did it go?
A: Go to the InfoReady competition site, and click “Applications” at the top of the page. Your saved grant applications will be there. Click the highlighted project title to go to the grant competition page. Click “My Application” on the right to view or print your submitted application.

Q: How should letters of support be submitted?
A: Letters of support can be uploaded to your application form along with other supporting materials or can be emailed to the specified email address.

Q: I made a mistake! Can I make corrections in my application after I have submitted it?
A: Once submitted, you cannot make any changes in your application. You can email the program administrator (the same email address specified for letters of support) regarding your application.

Q: What about budgets?
A: For almost all grants, you will be instructed to download a budget worksheet, which is an Excel spreadsheet, into which you will enter your budget information. You will then upload your completed budget worksheet to your grant application. The maximum awarded amount is stated at the bottom of the worksheet. Please consult your department fiscal officer to finalize your budget.